Optex, Inc. Datasheets for Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors use emitters and receivers to detect the presence, absence, or distance of target objects.
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Product Name Notes
Photoelectric Detector -- AX250PLUS
Photoelectric Detector -- AX500PLUS
14 kV surge protection, rejects false alarms, 10.5-30VDC
Indoor/Outdoor Sensor Transmitter -- RCTD10U 3 chime tones, activates other devices, door strikes, lights, cctv
Wide Angle Outdoor PIR Detector -- LRP5030 78 protection zones, rugged all-metal construction
Pet Immune PIR Detector -- RX40PI 78 zones, pet immune
Outdoor Detector -- LX402 Area masking strips, sunlight immune, selectable detection patterns
Outdoor Detector -- LX802N Long, narrow beam, sunlight immune, selectable detection patterns
Ceiling Mount PIR Detector -- KX08 Pet immune, 78 detection zones, 90 degree ceiling mount
Passive Infrared Door Sensor -- OP08CW Recessed, ceiling or surface mount, black or silver, passive infrared beam