Terex Cranes Waverly Operations Datasheets for Industrial Cranes

Industrial cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track.
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Product Name Notes
Tower Cranes -- CDK 83-12 (Derrick)
Tower Cranes -- CTL 140-10 TS16/TS21
Tower Cranes -- CTL 140-8 TS16/TS21
Tower Cranes -- CTL 180-16 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTL 180-16 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 180-16 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 260-18 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTL 260-18 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 260-18 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 340-24 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 340-24 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 430-24 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 440-24 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTL 630-32 HD23
Overview A working crane is a profitable crane, and Terex® tower cranes are built to work. Luffing jib tower cranes are specially designed for urban use. They feature outstanding reach...
Tower Cranes -- SK 315-16
Tower Cranes -- SK 415-20
Tower Cranes -- SK 415-25
Tower Cranes -- SK 575-32
Overview A working crane is a profitable crane, and Terex® tower cranes are built to work. They're well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites.
Mobile Harbour Crane -- MHC 20
Mobile Harbour Crane -- MHC 6200
Overview Faster work cycles, higher uptime, greater ease of maintenance and lower cost per lift: that's what we call efficiency. Terex® Mobile Harbour Cranes stand out due to superior performances...
Tower Cranes -- CTT 121/A-5 TS16
Tower Cranes -- CTT 141/A-6 TS
Tower Cranes -- CTT 161/A-6 TS
Tower Cranes -- CTT 161/A-8 TS
Tower Cranes -- CTT 181/B1-8 TS21
Tower Cranes -- CTT 181B-8 TS21
Tower Cranes -- CTT 231-10 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTT 231-10 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 231-12 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTT 231-12 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 321-16 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTT 321-16 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 321-16 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 331-16 H20
Tower Cranes -- CTT 331-16 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 331-16 TS23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 51/B-2 S11
Tower Cranes -- CTT 561/A-20 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 561/A-24 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 561/A-32 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 61/A-2.5 TS12
Tower Cranes -- CTT 71-2.5 TS12
Tower Cranes -- CTT 721-32 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 721-40 HD23
Tower Cranes -- CTT 91-2.5 TS12
Tower Cranes -- CTT 91-5 TS12
Overview Flat top tower cranes don't have the "tops" of conventional cranes; they can be used in conjunction with other tower cranes at sites where space is confined or near...
Military Cranes -- MAC 50 Overview Our equipment delivers the performance and reliability necessary to see that missions are met on time and on budget. Serious projects demand high-calibre tools. Our expert military project teams...
Tower Cranes -- CBR 16H
Tower Cranes -- CBR 18H-1.6V
Tower Cranes -- CBR 21H-1.6V
Tower Cranes -- CBR 24 PLUS
Tower Cranes -- CBR 26 PLUS
Tower Cranes -- CBR 28 PLUS
Tower Cranes -- CBR 30 PLUS
Tower Cranes -- CBR 32 PLUS
Tower Cranes -- CBR 36H-4
Tower Cranes -- CBR 40H-4
Tower Cranes -- EAZY 90
Tower Cranes -- FC 6.24H
Overview Reliability, quality and safety are the reasons for the success of Terex "CBR" self-erecting cranes all over the world, and for the widespread favourable answer of the market.
Rough Terrain Cranes -- A 600
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RC 30
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RC 35
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RC 40
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RC 45
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RC 60
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 130
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 230-1
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 230-1 XL
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 345-1 XL
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 555-1
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 670
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT 780
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT100
Rough Terrain Cranes -- RT35
Overview Terex Rough Terrain cranes boast three steering modes, compact and rugged design, boom telescoping even under load, comfortable and ergonomic cab with intuitive and easy controls. These characteristics make...
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 100
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 100/4(L)
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 1000
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 140
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 140 Compact
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 160-2
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 200-1
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 250-1
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 350/6
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 40/2
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 40/2L
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 500-2
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 60/3
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 60/3L
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 700
All Terrain Cranes -- AC 80-2
All Terrain Cranes -- Challenger 3160
All Terrain Cranes -- Challenger 3180
Overview Terex® All Terrain Cranes with lifting capacities of 30 to 1,200 metric tons (35 to 1,320 US tons) ensure large lifting capacities across the entire working range. The design...
Pick & Carry Cranes -- AT-15-3
Pick & Carry Cranes -- AT-20-3
Pick & Carry Cranes -- MAC 25-3
Overview Terex® pick & carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads and the steering flexibility to move in tight...
Straddle & Sprinter Carriers -- NSC 422 H
Straddle & Sprinter Carriers -- NSC 644 H
Overview Terex® Straddle Carriers are the most versatile and productive container handling equipment due to their operational flexibility and ability to both transfer and lift containers at high speed. They...
Lattice Boom Truck Cranes -- TC 2800-1 Overview The 600t lattice crane can be ordered with truck mounted chassis and is called TC 2800-1. The truck mounted chassis allows moving the base crane (superstructure and center frame)...
City Cranes -- AC 40 City Overview The compact dimensions of Terex® city cranes help them go where other cranes can't. Add in the manoeuvrability to make tight turns against the high curbs of city streets,...
Truck Mounted Cranes -- Roadmaster 5300 Overview The new Terex (r) Roadmaster Truck Mounted crane combines a state-of-the-art Terex (r) telescopic crane with a commercial truck. The perfect solution when the full off-road capability of an...
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 2000-1
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 2200
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 2400-1
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 2500-1
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 2800-1
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 5800
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 6800
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 8800-1
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 8800-1 TWIN
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC 9800
Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes -- CC2800-1NT
Overview The versatility of Terex® crawler cranes starts with the wide range of models available, including lattice boom crawler cranes, lattice boom truck cranes, narrow track carriers and pedestal cranes.
Telescopic Crawler Cranes -- TCC 40
Telescopic Crawler Cranes -- TCC 45
Telescopic Crawler Cranes -- TCC 60
Overview We offer a three model range telecrawlers TCC40, TCC 45 and TCC60, rated at 42t, 44t and 60t. By doing general duties on all kinds of construction sites and...
Boom Trucks -- BT 2047
Boom Trucks -- BT 2057
Boom Trucks -- BT 28106
Boom Trucks -- BT 3063
Boom Trucks -- BT 3870
Boom Trucks -- BT 4792
Boom Trucks -- BT 70100
Boom Trucks -- Crossover 4500
Boom Trucks -- Crossover 5000
Boom Trucks -- Crossover 6000
Boom Trucks -- RM 4792
Boom Trucks -- RS 70100
Boom Trucks -- TM 3851
Overview When you demand a cost-effective lifting solution that's matched to the qualified truck chassis of your choice, Terex® boom trucks are ready to serve. Whether it's our high strength...
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1020
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1025
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1036
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1055
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1070
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- LT 1130
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- QY8F
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- QYE10
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- QYE12-1
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- Roadmaster 9000
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- T 340-1
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- T 340-1 XL
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- T 560-1
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- T 780
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- TC 40
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- TC 40 L
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- TC 60
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- TC 60 L
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- Toplift 025G
Telescopic Truck Cranes -- Toplift 055G
Overview With Terex® truck cranes, you won't watch profits dwindle while waiting for the crane to arrive. Traveling at highway speeds and over rough surfaces is a breeze for Terex®
Cab Down Cranes -- CD 225 Overview Yard Crane Drill Rig Maintenance Petro-Chemical & Refinery Maintenance Rail Road Maintenance, Hi-Rail Mounted Quarry and Mining Equipment Maintenance Heavy Maintenance Crane, (US Navy, HMC)