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E Series Gantry Crane -- 1AW1007B

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E Series Gantry Crane -- 1AW1007B-Image

The steel constructed SPANCO E Series Gantry Crane is available in a fixed height up to a 12-foot span and 10-foot height to 5-ton capacity with 10 feet available under the beam. Also available is adjustable height for 11'6" span up to 3 ton capacity. Maximum heights on the adjustable gantry crane models range from 7 to 14 feet. The SPANCO E Series Gantry Crane is constructed with high strength mechanical tubing and equipped standard swivel casters with moldon polyurethane wheels for ease of movement.

Product Category
Industrial Cranes
Crane Description
Gantry Crane
1 tons (0.9072 metric tons)
Lift Travel
7 ft (21.34 dm)

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