Motivation Industrial Equipment Limited Datasheets for Industrial Cranes

Industrial cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track.
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Product Name Notes
Portable Gantry Cranes 1 - 20 ton capacity, fixed or adjustable height and span, many options
Jib Cranes 1/2 - 10 ton capacity, 6-30 ft. booms, wide range of options
Articulating Jib Cranes 2 or 3 arm articulation, manual or power rotation
Forklift Craneboom -- LCH-2
Forklift Craneboom -- LCH-5
Adjustable, telescopic, attachment for fork lift trucks
Industrial Floor Crane -- FMB-09 Front stabilizer legs, 8 extension boom, steerable forward/reverse drive
Navigantry® Steerable, 1/2 - 20 ton capacities, up to 20+ ft. height,up to 30 ft. spans
Floor Crane -- Model FF-05
Floor Crane -- Model FF-10
Floor Crane -- Model FF-20
Floor Crane -- Model FR-05
Floor Crane -- Model FR-10
Floor Crane -- Model FR-20
Floor Crane -- Model FS-05
Floor Crane -- Model FS-10
Floor Crane -- Model FS-20
Floor Crane -- Model PB-05
Floor Crane -- Model PB-10
Floor Crane -- Model PB-20
Telescoping boom can be adjusted to any one of six positions
F45 Hook Lift Versatile forklift attachment easily slides onto most forklift forks