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Hybrid Monorail Overhead Cranes -- SNAPTRAC®

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Hybrid Monorail Overhead Cranes -- SNAPTRAC®-Image

This unit comes complete with 3 rail sides, 3 posts, 3 trolleys, hanger and spacer assemblies, and end stops.

The SNAPTRAC® is an affordable and easy to assemble bridge crane. It is an economical solution to moving material. SNAPTRAC® kits are expandable and can be mixed and matched to tailor to your individual needs.

SNAPTRAC® is available with internal wireless conductor bar. Built with the same features available on Kundel Cranes industrial crane line SNAPTRAC allows you to work smarter, not harder.


Product Category
Industrial Cranes
Bridge / Overhead Crane; Hybrid
0.5000 tons (0.4536 metric tons)