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SY Cables are number coded control and connecting cables used for flexibility and fixed installation for medium mechanical use.
• The SY Cable cand be used in dry, damp wet room conditions. • Installed outdoors and observing the temperature range also includes UV protection. • These cables are usually resistant to acids, caustic solutions and certain oils at room temperature. • Controlling machines tools, converyor control equipment, productions lines, measuring regulating and computer units can also use the SY cable for supply and interconnection. • These cable are ideal for free movement without tensile stress or forced movement. • Galvanized steel wire braiding add to the mechanical protection
Number of Cores = 7
Cross Sectional Area = 0.75 mm²
Outer Diameter = 9.4mm
Current Rating = 12 A
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C
Voltage Rating = 300/500 V
Core Strands = 24/0.20 mm
Sheath Material = Polyvinyl Chloride PVC
Sheath Colour = Transparent


Product Category
Bare Conductor Wire and Cable
0.7500 mm² (0.0012 in²)
Number of Strands
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