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Hi-FLEX®-CY-BP cables are used for data transmission in highly electromagnetically disturbed environments. Assembly in pairs avoids crosstalk disturbances. Assembly: in twisted pairs with PES tape pair by pair and individual shielding. Shielded pairs assembled in concentric layers, packed if necessary. Individual shielding pair by pair with tinned copper braid, 80% coverage. Supplied as a 50 m reel.
Number of Cores = 4
Cross Sectional Area = 0.34 mm²
Outer Diameter = 7.6mm
Voltage Rating = 300 V
Sheath Colour = Grey
Minimum Operating Temperature = -15°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +70°C
Sheath Material = Polyvinyl Chloride PVC
Cable Shape = Multicore
Fire Behaviour = Flame Retardant


Product Category
Bare Conductor Wire and Cable
Conductor Type
0.3400 mm² (5.27E-4 in²)
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