RFMW Ltd. Datasheets for RF Phase Detectors and Comparators

RF phase detectors and comparators are circuits or instruments that provide a DC output voltage proportional to the difference in phase between two RF signals.
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Product Name Notes
Detector -- 4802S Detector, 4802S, 2GHz, SMA, 10MHz low end
Detector -- 4804S Detector, 4804S, 4GHz, SMA, 10MHz low end
Detector -- P1-ZBD1015PA3 Detector, RF/MW, Zero Bias Schottky 1.0-15.0 GHz, Positive, Connectorized, SMA, M/F
RF RMS Detector -- 1N833A Diode, Detector
Phase Detector -- MSPD1000-E50SM
Phase Detector -- MSPD1012-E50SM
Phase Detector -- MSPD2018-E50
Sampling Phase Detector
Detector -- P1DT-SAMF-R0118G-ZBN Schottky Zero Bias Detector