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Induced Gas Floatation Stage System -- IGF Stage System

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Induced Gas Floatation Stage System -- IGF Stage System-Image

The IGF ‘Stage’ System The “Induced Gas Floatation” Skim Tank Augmented by Gas Eductor is a revolutionary new system for separating heavy and light particles from a liquid stream.

lt is created by combining a “Skim Tank” with a “Gas Eductor Flotation Unit” and a “Coalescing Pack” into one API tank.

This unique design takes full advantage of high “in-tank” residence time allowing for maximum natural gravitation separation and contact time for the induced gas. Graver uses this technologically superior process as a stand alone product or as a pre-treatment process for walnut shell filter applications.

IGF Stage Systems are fully capable of efficiently mitigating daily or unexpected upsets within your system. Additionally, the long retention time within the IGF Stage System makes it an ideal location for chemical dosing.

This combination, coupled with a coalescing pack and flocculation chemicals, has created a highly effective bulk separation product.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, clean design
  • Circular flow path for maximum residence time
  • Gas Floatation technology
  • Coalescing Pack
  • Dramatic savings compared to other technologies

Product Category
Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners
Equipment Type
Floatation System
Other; Oil Removal