Wyssmont Company, Inc. Datasheets for Solids Feeders

Solids feeders are used to deliver powder, granular and other bulk solid materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors and product packaging.
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Product Name Notes
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- HTAL-806
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- HTAL-815
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- RAL-1030
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- RAL-1036
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- RAL-806
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- RAL-815
Vane-Rotor® Airlock Feeder -- RAL-822
The rectangular shape of the Wyssmont Vane-Rotor® Airlock offers many advantages over conventional round or square design. Saves Headroom It provides higher capacities without the need for larger diameter rotors...
Tip-Up Bag Feeder The Wyssmont Tip-Up Bag Feeder is designed to attach to a Wyssmont Lumpbreaker and to provide easy and safe feeding of material that comes in bags. This special feed chute...
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-1008
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-1015
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-1020
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-1024
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-105
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-206
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-209
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-215
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-224
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-520
Rotoscoop® Airlock Feeder -- SRF-540
The Wyssmont Rotoscoop Airlock Feeder is specially designed to handle wet, sticky materials such as filter cakes, wet crystals or powders, pastes, and sludges. Solves Plugging Problems The Rotoscoop Airlock...
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-1554
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-2054
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-2454
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-3669
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-525
Multiple Screw Feeder -- MSF-836
Wyssmont's Multiple Screw Feeder features a series of carefully fabricated, continuously welded helicoids operating in parallel to feed material from a hopper without surging and bridging commonly experienced in ordinary...