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Cleaning in Place of Spray Drying Plants

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State-of-the-Art Cleaning Methods

To meet today's strict requirements, spray drying plants must satisfy the highest hygienic design standards to avoid product degradation and contamination during plant operation.

Wet and Dry Methods

Cleaning requirements for well designed liquid processing equipment are achieved by circulating cleaning solutions and water under well controlled conditions.

Design for Hygienic Performance

Cleaning requirements for the drying and powder handling equipment - the dry areas - can be met by either dry or wet methods, or a combination of both.

Dry methods involve the manual sweeping of surfaces in contact with the product, or air sweeping by allowing a high velocity air stream to pass over the surfaces in question. Wet methods can involve either manual hosing of surfaces or more effectively by use of automated cleaning-in-place systems (CIP systems).

Niro has developed CIP systems to meet strict industrial requirements.

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