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The Niro VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is a vibrating fluid bed of the plug flow type.

A powder layer is vibrated on an air distributor plate. The effect of this vibration combined with the upward and forward directed flow of air through the plate creates ideal processing conditions and powder transport. The unit operates with a shallow powder layer of less than 200 mm. This gives a much more lenient powder treatment, since powder residence times are shorter than in non-vibrating fluid beds which operate at much deeper powder layers.

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® is successfully used on all types of powders, agglomerates, and granulates, especially those which fluidize poorly due to a broad particle size distribution or highly irregular particle shape, or require relatively low fluidization velocities to prevent attrition.

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® can be operated as a separate drying or cooling unit. It is often associated with a spray drying system to produce agglomerated instant powder or act as a powder conditioning plant for special coating operations.

Design Features

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® has an air distributor plate welded directly to the fluid bed housing. The air distributor plate design is selected according to the product application, but all plates feature special directional perforations that secure lenient powder handling, ability to handle fat containing powders, and achieve a self-emptying characteristic.

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