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The Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer

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A versatile, low cost, yet highly efficient unit, the Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer is ideal for a wide range of chemicals foods, flavors, dyes, organics, pigments, and other materials in water-base slurries, solutions emulsions, or suspensions. Inlet drying temperatures range from 150°C to 500°C when using a direct-fired gas heater, evaporative capacity ranges from 15 to 80 pph, depending on inlet/outlet air temperature profile and composition of feed. The Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer operates on a co-current "open cycle" drying principle. Atomization is performed by centrifugal wheels or two-fluid nozzles and airflow is rated at 250 acfm at the chamber outlet. Typical particle size range is 30/40 microns. Single point product collection is performed via cyclone separator. The compact unit is constructed of stainless steel. To suit specific requirements, the Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer can be optionally equipped with an indirect (steam) or electric air heater, a bag collector, cold air ports, as well as explosion-resistant features. The Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer can be purchased or rented, usually from stock, for immediate delivery.


The Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer operates by suspending the feed material in a heated stream of air. The suspended particle technique provides many unique advantages for both product and process. Here is a partial list of materials successfully dried with the Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer:

  • Foods
  • Natural Products
  • Polymers
  • Resins
  • Organics

Although the principle use of the Bowen "BLSA" Spray Dryer is spray drying, it can be used efficiently for these other gasborne processes:

  • Reacting
  • Polishing (toners)
  • Congealing
  • Encapsulating

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