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FILTERMAT® Belt Spray Dryer Size 12.5

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R&D, pilot and small-scale production plants

Niro produces a broad range of versatile spray dryers, flash dryers, and fluid beds for R&D and Small-scale production. The experience gained from supplying over 10,000 plants across the world in over 70 years can be seen in the attention to detail and performance of each plant produced today.

From proof of concept through laboratory and pilot plant testing to scale-up and project fulfillment, Niro offers unmatched engineering knowledge and experience - all tailored to produce individual solutions to specific customer requirements.

FILTERMAT® Belt Spray Dryer Size 12.5

  • For gentle drying of sticky, hydroscopic and thermoplastic products
  • Produces non-dusty, agglomerated, easy-to-use powders
  • Ideal for product development purposes or production of agglomerated powders.

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