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Pharmaceutical Spray Dryers PSD

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GEA Niro's PSD pharmaceutical spray dryer is a flexible, modern, and easy-to-handle dryer available with different levels of control systems. It dries solutions, suspensions, and emulsions into powders. It can be used as a laboratory spray dryer for testing and development work, or for batch production.

The PSD offers a choice of three atomizer systems: rotary, co-current two-fluid nozzle, and fountain two-fluid nozzle. It dries both aqueous and solvent feedstocks safely. The dryer provides excellent access and is configured to be Cleaned - In - Place (CIP).

Plants Customized for Success

Every pharmaceutical plant and system from GEA Niro is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. Based on standard components, we supply plants for cGMP production configured to meet the customer's specific requirements. Among the large number of variations are: The right size to meet the customer's output requirements, the drying principle to be used, atomization configuration, and open or closed cycle operation.

Today's increased demands for customized design, special materials of construction, special surface treatment, advanced control systems, GMP production, and process validation have resulted in continuous improvement in spray dryer design for the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most important choices in a plant configuration is choosing the right atomization and powder discharge method.

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