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P6.3 Spray Dryer

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Niro's Versatile P6.3 Spray Dyer comprises certain basic components: drying chamber, air heater, cyclone collector, fan and support quick mounting kits permitting optional use of centrifugal or nozzle automation, co-current or mixed flow drying, and separate recovery of the coarse and fine fractions of the dried product.

Many years of experience in design and operations of more than 5,000 spray dryer installations assure the "know-how" for fundamental efficiency of drying, excellence of fabrication and simplicity of operation.

P6.3 Spray Dryer

  • Largest standard plant
  • For small scale production
  • Rotary wheel or nozzle atomizers
  • One-or two-point product collection
  • Can be readily modified
  • Direct-fired gas or electric heat
  • Chamber size 1.6 m diameter x 0.8 m x 60°
  • Evaporation rates to 60 kg/hr
  • Overall size 11.5' x 9' x 15' high

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