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Bowen NOZZLE TOWER™ Spray Dryer

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The Bowen NOZZLE TOWER™ Dryer is the smallest in a series of four standard sizes for efficient spray drying of inorganics, catalysts, ceramics, powdered metals, pigments, dyes and similar materials. Maximum inlet drying air temperature is 500 deg C when using a direct-fired gas heater. Evaporation capacity ranges from 15 to 80 pph depending on the inlet/outlet air temperature profile and composition of the feed. This unit employs the co-current or mixed flow (counter-current) drying principle in an "open cycle" concept. Atomization is performed by two-fluid nozzles located at the top or bottom of the tower, and airflow is rated at 250 acfm at the chamber outlet. Typical particle sizes range to 80 microns. Two-point product collection is performed via chamber of stainless steel. The NOZZLE TOWER™ Dryer can be equipped with the same optional features as the "BLSA". It is available under the same purchase/rental plans as well.


  • Spray drying
  • Reacting
  • Agglomerating
  • Congealing
  • Encapsulating

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