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SWIRL FLUIDIZER™ - an agitated flash dryer - For drying of pastes, filter cakes, sludges and viscous liquids to powder in one efficient step.

Flash dryers are often an economical choice for drying pastes and filter cakes. For these feeds, as well as suspensions, and highly viscous liquids, the Niro SWIRL FLUIDIZER™ is our agitated design, using a high-speed disintegrating rotor to keep all particles moving. This design is shorter and larger in diameter than a simple flash tube, creating a very compact system.

The Swirl Fluidizer™ is the dryer of choice to produce a fine, homogeneous, non-agglomerated powder, all in one compact process step. It has many process advantages over typical systems:

  • Handles non-pumpable products
  • One-stage combined drying and product treatment
  • Continuous operation
  • Very short processing time
  • Compact layout requires a minimum of space
  • Effective heat and mass transfer
  • Negligible heat loss
  • Maintenance-friendly design

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