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Includes telescopic sensor head suits air and gas flow measurement in pipes or ducts. Dual display of velocity and temperature. 0.2m/s to 20m/s range. Min, max & display hold functions. 5 selectable display units. Zero function. Dimensions: H 180mm x W 72mm x D 32mm, Weight: 355g, Sensor: L250-940, ∅12 x 940mm. Requires 6 AAA batteries (stock no. 591-657).
Measurement Parameters = Air Velocity
Calibrated = RSCAL
Maximum Air Velocity = 20m/s
Best Air Velocity Accuracy = ±5 %
Air Velocity Resolution = 0.1m/s
Probe Type = Hotwire
Temperature Measurement Resolution = 0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy = ±0.8 °C
Power Source = Battery
Battery Type = AAA x 6


Product Category
Air Flow Sensors
Technology Type
Thermal Anemometer
Air Velocity Range
Velocity Resolution
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