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The choice of Kestrel 5200 models is between the basic 0852HVG ( 914-0006 ) and the Bluetooth LiNK 0852LHVG ( 914-0009 ). Both offer distinctive monitoring functions for evaporation rate (lb/ft²/hr, kg/m²/hr), air flow (CFM, m³/hr, m³/m, m³/s, L/s), Delta T, Relative Air Density (RAD) & Air Density (lb/ft³, kg/m³). These functions make the 5200 an instrument of choice in agriculture, building construction and building services commissioning, operation and maintenance. Farmers use it for applications ranging from assessment of barn ventilation to chemical spraying (environmental conditions, correct spray nozzle, evaporation rate). Building engineers may enter the temperature of a concrete mix (from probe or IR thermometer) then measure conditions at the pour site to inform decisions about additives to the mix or curing adjustments, preventing costly shrinkage cracking of the slab. Building services engineers may input duct shape/dimensions and then simply traverse the 5200 across the duct for volume air flow data to assist in the commissioning and performance balancing of HVAC systems.
Evaporation Rate. Delta T. Air density. Relative air density (RAD). Heading (true & magnetic). Wind direction. Crosswind. Headwind/tailwind. Altitude. Pressure trend. Barometric pressure. Wet bulb temperature. Relative humidity in %. Heat stress index . Dewpoint. Density altitude. Wind chill. Air, water and snow temperature °F or °C. Current, average and maximum air velocity. Waterproof (sealed to IP67) and floats. Time and date. Easy- to-read backlit display. Data Logger (automatic and manual). Data storage can be customised - 2900 data points. Minimum, Maximum and Average values. Multi-function 3-line display . Exterior temperature, humidity and pressure sensors for fast and accurate readings. Screens can be customised to display user-selected measurements. Graph and recall trends. User-replaceable impeller. Flip-top impeller cover protects the impeller while allows use of other instrument functions. Data charting. Multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian). Rugged (drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standards). US Patent Nos. 5,783,753 and 5,939,645 and 6,257,074. Made in USA
Measurement Parameters = Air Flow, Altitude, Density, Density Altitude, Dew Point, Evaporation Rate, Heat Index, Moisture content, Pressure, Relative Air Density, Tail Wind, Wet Bulb Temperature, Wind Chill
Maximum Air Velocity = 40m/s
Best Air Velocity Accuracy = ±3 %
Air Velocity Resolution = 0.1m/s
Probe Type = Impeller
Maximum Temperature = +70°C
Temperature Measurement Resolution = 0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy = ±0.5 °C
Power Source = Battery
Battery Type = AA Lithium

Product Category
Air Flow Sensors
Instrument/Sensor Configuration
Technology Type
Vane Anemometer (Velometer)

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