Plascon Group (The) Datasheets for Storage Tanks and Process Tanks

Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration.
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Product Name Notes
Cook Tanks -- Model CT-10
Cook Tanks -- Model CT-20
Cook Tanks -- Model CT-5
Perfect for Sous Vide low temperature stationary cooking/cooking of solid muscle items (e.g. joints, chicken, turkey breasts, fish, etc.) Cook Tank preparation of meats can increase net yields. Also used...
Mobile Holding/Transfer Vessels -- item-1044
Mobile Holding/Transfer Vessels -- item-1045
Mobile Holding/Transfer Vessels -- item-1046
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1047
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1048
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1049
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1050
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1051
Transportable Holding Vessels -- item-1052
Storage and transfer vessels and tanks from Plascon Food Solutions and DCN are available with fixed legs for forklift transportation or with wheels for in-factory operations. A wide variety of...