Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers typically consist of copper wire wrapped around a cylindrical core. This design prevents the magnetic flux that occurs within the coil from leaking.
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Product Name Notes
Transformer, Low Profile;12VA;Sec:Ser 50mA;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 230VCT;PC;2In.W -- 70213293
Transformer, Low Profile;3VA;Sec:Ser 225mA;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 15VCT;PC;1.56In. -- 70213285
Transformer, Low Profile;6VA;Sec:Ser 150mA;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 40VCT;PC;1.56In. -- 70213292
Transformer, Low Profile;6VA;Sec:Ser 170mA;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 34VCT;PC;1.56In. -- 70213290
Features: The Low Boy™ power transformer is designed to surpass competitive market offerings in cost, size and versatility to the designer. Applicable to low clearance, stacked printed circuit board and...
TRANSFORMER; TOROIDAL; 140VA, SECONDARYVOLTAGE 2X117VAC, SECONDARY CURRENT 0.6A -- 70065626 Features: Lifetime Warranty 2 × 117 V, 50/60 Hz Primaries Many Popular Secondary Voltage Options 15 to 990 VA Ratings Available Listed as Recognized/Certified Components (UL and CSA) Class A...
Transformer, Toroidal Power;1000VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 234VCT,Par 117 -- 70181141
Transformer, Toroidal Power;1000VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 48VCT,Par 24V -- 70181139
Transformer, Toroidal Power;1000VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 60VCT,Par 30V -- 70181140
Transformer, Toroidal Power;120VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 18VCT,Par 9V -- 70181101
Transformer, Toroidal Power;120VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 234VCT,Par 117V -- 70181105
Transformer, Toroidal Power;120VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 24VCT,Par 12V -- 70181102
Transformer, Toroidal Power;120VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 30VCT,Par 15V -- 70181103
Transformer, Toroidal Power;1500VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 120VCT,Par 60V -- 70181143
Transformer, Toroidal Power;1500VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 80VCT,Par 40V -- 70181142
Transformer, Toroidal Power;160VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 24VCT,Par 12V -- 70181123
Transformer, Toroidal Power;160VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 60VCT,Par 30V -- 70181127
Transformer, Toroidal Power;225VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 24VCT,Par 12V -- 70181106
Transformer, Toroidal Power;225VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 44VCT,Par 22V -- 70181109
Transformer, Toroidal Power;300VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 120VCT,Par 60V -- 70181131
Transformer, Toroidal Power;300VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 234VCT,Par 117V -- 70181132
Transformer, Toroidal Power;300VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 24VCT,Par 12V -- 70181128
Transformer, Toroidal Power;300VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 60VCT,Par 30V -- 70181130
Transformer, Toroidal Power;30VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 18VCT,Par 9V -- 70181093
Transformer, Toroidal Power;30VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 234VCT,Par 117V -- 70181096
Transformer, Toroidal Power;30VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 30VCT,Par 15V -- 70181095
Transformer, Toroidal Power;500VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 48VCT,Par 24V -- 70181112
Transformer, Toroidal Power;50VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 24VCT,Par 12V -- 70181099
Transformer, Toroidal Power;50VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 30VCT,Par 15V -- 70181100
Transformer, Toroidal Power;625VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 48VCT,Par 24V -- 70181133
Transformer, Toroidal Power;750VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 48VCT,Par 24V -- 70181135
Transformer, Toroidal Power;750VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 60VCT,Par 30V -- 70181136
Transformer, Toroidal Power;80VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 12VCT,Par 6V -- 70181116
Transformer, Toroidal Power;80VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 18VCT,Par 9V -- 70181117
Transformer, Toroidal Power;80VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 36VCT,Par 18V -- 70181120
Features: Low Profile Space Saving and Light Weight Due to High Efficiency Toroidal Design Low EMF Radiation Dual Primary 117/234 V 50/60 Hz Operation 4000 VRMS Hi-Pot Test Dual...
Medical Power and Isolation Transformers 50/60 Hz. Multiple primaries must be connected in series or parallel. Features: Units Rated Below 1000 VA Come with Metal Disk and Insulating Pads Units...
Transformer;12VA;Sec:Ser 0.05A, Par 0.1A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 230VCT, Par 115V -- 70218435
Transformer;12VA;Sec:Ser 0.6A, Par 1.2A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 20VCT, Par 10V;PC -- 70218431
Transformer;6VA;Sec:Ser 0.05A, Par 0.1A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 120VCT, Par 60V;PC -- 70218428
Transformer;6VA;Sec:Ser 0.1A, Par 0.2A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 56VCT, Par 28V;PC -- 70218427
Transformer;6VA;Sec:Ser 0.25A, Par 0.5A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 24VCT, Par 12V;PC -- 70218424
Transformer;6VA;Sec:Ser 0.2A, Par 0.4A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 30VCT, Par 15V;PC -- 70218425
Transformer;6VA;Sec:Ser 0.3A, Par 0.6A;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 20VCT, Par 10V;PC -- 70218423
The TRIAD Flat Pack™ power transformer from TRIAD Magnetics is designed to meet the needs of low clearance PC board and solid state power designs. These units can also be...
Transformer, Low Profile;6VA;Sec:Ser 250mA;Pri:115/230V;Sec:Ser 24VCT;PC;1.56In. -- 70213323 Side-Winder Single Primary Transformer, 115 V @ 50⁄60 Hz Primary Voltage Features: The Low-Boy power transformer is designed to surpass competitive market offerings in cost, size and versatility to the...
Transformer, Toroidal Power;50VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 18VCT,Par 9V -- 70181098
Transformer, Toroidal Power;80VA;Chassis;Pri:117/234VAC;Sec:Ser 30VCT,Par 15V -- 70181119
Toroidal Power Low Voltage Rectifier Transformers, 8 in. (Min.) Lead Length Low profile Low EMF radiation Dual secondary for series or parallel connections Chassis Mount, complete with 2 rubber pads,...
Transformer, AHF Series, Low Profile, Split Bobbin, VA Size 6, 24VCT @ 250mA -- 70037400 Transformer, AHF Series, Low Profile, Split Bobbin, VA Size 6, 24VCT @ 250mA