J.D. Neuhaus Datasheets for Hoists

Industrial hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use a cable, rope, or chain to move or lift a load. Hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting, and usually have a feature for ceiling mounting such as a hook or trolley mount.
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Product Name Notes
Air Hoist -- M 63 D
Air Hoist -- M 64
Carrying capacities: 1 t up to 6 t Air pressure: 4 bar JDN Air Hoists of the M Series are the specialists for underground mining operations. Due to their versatility...
Ratchet Hoist -- WITT 1 .5 t
Ratchet Hoist -- WITT 2 .5 t
Carrying capacities: 1.5 t, 2.5 tThe WITT serves for lifting, pulling, tensioning or anchoring operations under all working positions. It has a robust cast iron housing and is extremely resistant...
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 10
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 100
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 16
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 20
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 25
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 30
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 37
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 40
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 50
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 60
Monorail Air Hoist -- EH 75
Carrying capacities: 10 t up to 115 t per unitJDN Monorail Hoists for heavy loads and low headrooms are available with compressed-air and Monorail hoists with hydraulic drives. Explosion ProtectionClassifications:...
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 100-H
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 20-H
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 25-H
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 37-H
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 50-H
Hydraulic Monorail Hoist -- EH 75-H
Carrying capacities: 20 t up to 100 tAs an alternative to compressed-air drive, we can supply you with JDN Hydraulic Monorail Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 t. Depending...
Air Hoist -- Profi 025TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 05TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 1.5TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 10 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 100 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 16 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 1TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 20 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 25 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 2TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 3 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 3 TI/2
Air Hoist -- Profi 30 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 37 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 40 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 50 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 6 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 60 TI
Air Hoist -- Profi 75 TI
Carrying capacities: 250 kg up to 100 tAir pressure: 4 bar or 6 barThe PROFI series for heavy-duty industrial use is available with different controls according to requirements.Explosion ProtectionClassification: Ex...
Hydraulic Hoist -- 10 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 100 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 16 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 20 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 25 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 3 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 37 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 50 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 6 TI-H
Hydraulic Hoist -- 75 TI-H
Carrying capacities: 3 t up to 100 tAs an alternative to compressed-air drive, we can supply you with JDN Hydraulic Hoists with carrying capacities up to 100 t. Depending on...
Ultra-low Monorail Hoist -- UH 12
Ultra-low Monorail Hoist -- UH 16
Ultra-low Monorail Hoist -- UH 4
Ultra-low Monorail Hoist -- UH 6
Ultra-low Monorail Hoist -- UH 8
Carrying capacities: 4 t up to 100 tAir pressure: 6 barWhere loads have to be lifted and transported in extremely reduced spaces the JDN Ultra-Low Monorail Hoists come to work.
Big Bag Handling Air Hoist -- BBH-1000-1
Big Bag Handling Air Hoist -- BBH-1000-2
Big Bag Handling Air Hoist -- BBH-2000-1
Big Bag Handling Air Hoist -- BBH-2000-2
JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists For big bag handling J.D. Neuhaus offers innovative design solutions to meet the special requirements of these applications. JDN Big Bag Handling Air Hoists...
Air Hoist -- Mini 1000
Air Hoist -- Mini 125
Air Hoist -- Mini 250
Air Hoist -- Mini 500
The JDN mini series for general duty Carrying capacities: 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 980 kg Air pressure: 6 bar The mini widens the range of applications in the...
Subsea Hoist -- 3 TI - SUBSEA
Subsea Hoist -- 6 TI - SUBSEA
The JDN PROFI Subsea series is available with air or hydraulic drives. As well as a sensitive control system, the PROFI hoists are equipped with an overload protection.
Cryogenic Hoist -- EH 20-H The temperature range of JDN Monorail Hoists in standard version is -20°C to +70°C.For a special application at temperatures of minus 45°C, as e.g. the BOP Handling in arctic zones,...