RH Laboratories, Inc. Datasheets for RF Mixers

RF mixers convert RF power at one frequency into power at another frequency to make signal processing easier and more efficient.
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Product Name Notes
Mixers -- 900-M101
Mixers -- 900-M102
Mixers -- 900-M103
Mixers -- 900-M104
Mixers -- 900-M105
Mixers -- 900-M106
Mixers -- 900-M107
Mixers -- 900-M108
Mixers -- 900-M109
Mixers -- 900-M110
Mixers -- 900-M111
Mixers -- 900-M112
Mixers -- 900-M113
Mixers -- 900-M114
Mixers -- 900-M115
Mixers -- 900-M116
Mixers -- 900-M117
Mixers -- 900-M118
RH Labs provides a wide range of mixer products including double and triple balanced configurations. Excellent performance is achieved for conversion loss, LO to RF isolation, 1 dB compression point...