RF Attenuators from Tradeport Electronics Group

Kenwood TMI / Texio Resistance Attenuator -- RA-920A

Kenwood TMI / Texio Resistance Attenuator -- RA-920A -- View Larger Image
Kenwood TMI / Texio Resistance Attenuator -- RA-920A-Image
  • Maximum Attenuation of 121 dB
  • Wide Frequency Band Covering DC to 1 MHz
  • Phase Correction Permits Use as a Pulse Wave Attenuator
  • Attenuation Between Electronic Equipment with Different Casing Potentials
  • Highly Accurate Metal Film Resistors

The RA-920A resistance attenuator features a wide range of applications for use in measuring levels filter efficiency transmission efficiency amplifier gain etc. The attenuation range is from 0 to 12 dBî minimal attenuation step is 0.1 dB attenuation accuracy is ±0.2db maximum input level is 27 dBm and the input/output impedance is 600O. The frequency range is as wide as DC to 1 MHz. The circuit includes unbalanced-T and bridge-T networks and large dial knobs are easy to handle when switching ranges