Crane Aerospace & Electronics Datasheets for RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers are devices that accept a varying input signal and produce an output signal that varies in the same way, but with larger amplitude.
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Product Name Notes
160 MHz Log Amplifiers -- HCL-4-9005_6
300 MHz Wideband Log Amplifiers -- HCL-4-9007_8
60 MHz Log Amplifiers -- HCL-3-9001_2
Wideband Log Amplifier -- HCL-5-9011
Wideband Log Amplifier -- HCL-5-9036
Wideband Log Amplifiers -- HCL-3-9003_4
Crane's Microwave Solutions offers a wide range of product solutions from component level devices to complex, advanced integrated microwave assemblies. Products include: Ferrite products Circulators and Isolators Passive products Mixers,...
Miniature IF SDLVA -- MCPL-4-9044 The MCPL-4-9044 Miniature successive detection log amplifi er offers the combined performance of both logarithmic detection and hard limiting amplifi er in a single package. The limiting amplifi er feature...
Broadband DLVA -- STDLVA-90001 The STDLVA-90001 broadband DLVA represents the latest design techniques and high performance confi guration. The design is a dual detector amplifi ed design with a unique video amplifi cation and...