APITech Datasheets for RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers are devices that accept a varying input signal and produce an output signal that varies in the same way, but with larger amplitude.
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Product Name Notes
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1057
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1058
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1059
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1060
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1061
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1062
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1063
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1064
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1065
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1066
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1067
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1068
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1075
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1079
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1081
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1082
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1083
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1084
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1085
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1086
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1087
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1088
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1089
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1090
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1091
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1092
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1104
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1174
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1176
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1198
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1199
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1200
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1201
High Frequency Amplifiers -- BXHF1202
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-917
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-919
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-945
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-968
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-972
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-991
High Frequency Amplifiers -- QB-992
High Frequency Amplifiers -- TN9560
Low Noise Amplifiers
API Technologies offers customizable and rugged low noise amplifier solutions for High-Rel, Defense and Space bound LNA applications. API also does not charge any NRE when slight modifications to it’s...
Switchable Multi-Channel Amplifiers API Technologies offers state-of-the-art Multi-Channel Amplifiers used in demanding military frequency calibration systems. These 2, 3, and 4 channel modules are all phase matched, amplitude matched and offer both single...
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1000
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1001
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1002
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1003
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1004
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1005
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1008
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1026
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1029
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1032
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1033
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1034
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1037
Medium Power Amplifiers -- BXMP1046
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-101
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-152
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-166
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-445
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-840
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-865
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QB-970
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBH-2818
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBH-2830
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBH-2832
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBH-8900
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBS-158
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBS-204
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBS-227
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBS-233
Medium Power Amplifiers -- QBS-256
Medium Power Amplifiers -- TM3093
Medium Power Amplifiers -- TM3098
Medium Power Amplifiers -- TM3110
Medium Power Amplifiers -- TM6189
Medium Power Amplifiers -- TR3093
API Technologies’ Medium Power Amplifiers, are designed for demanding Defense, Hi-Rel and Space bound applications. API also does not charge any NRE when slight modifications to it’s Medium Power Amps...
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QB-904
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QB-925
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QBS- 598
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QBS-559
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QBS-560
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QBS-609
GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers -- QBS-620
API Technologies' complete line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers and power amplifier drivers offer unparalleled reliability and performance. Utilizing the intrinsic physical properties of GaN like high heat...
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1037
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1038
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1039
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1040
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1041
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1042
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifiers -- BXMF1043
API Technologies' line of AGC Amps allows the user to anticipate receiver power levels and automatically adjust the output power to a desired level. Designed for rugged military environments, these...
Pulsed Power Amplifiers API Technologies' line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Amplifiers utilize pulsed, solid state power amplifier technology and include designs that operate with output power levels up to 1,000 watts and...
Low Phase Noise Amplifiers Better phase noise is a performance requirement often sought in today’s most advanced systems. We achieve guaranteed ultra low phase noise performance in our line of Series PM Amplifiers using...
Configurable Pre-Filtered GPS Low Noise Amplifier Modules GPS navigation and timing systems are a necessity in almost every market place spanning both commercial and military applications. Operating reliably in an increasingly crowded RF Spectrum is a continuously...
Ultra High Linearity Amplifiers If high linearity is critical, API Technologies designs the highest linearity amplifiers the industry has to offer. With IP2 performance exceeding +110 dBm, API has become the market leader in...
Signal Jamming Power Amplifier -- QBS-617 The QB-617 is a Class “A” amplifier operating in a communication band of 1930 to 1990MHz to jam communication band frequencies. This addition to API’s power amplifier product line offers...
Limiting Amplifiers & Limiters -- TL9010
Limiting Amplifiers & Limiters -- TL9011
When your circuit design requires amplitude compression, API Technologies delivers the RF limiting function with its line of RF limiting amplifiers. These amplifiers are useful for protecting subsequent components from...
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-234
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-258
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-259
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-265
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-267
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-276
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-324
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-343
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-367
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-517
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-544
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-561
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-562
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-563
High Power Amplifier Modules -- QBS-598
Wide bandwidth and high efficiency are not the only features offered in our full line of high power amplifiers. Utilizing both in-house chip and wire (hybrid), thin film, and SMT...