GMN Paul Muller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Radial Ball Bearings

Radial ball bearings are friction reduction, rotation devices that carry loads radially around its axis. A subtype of ball bearings, they operate through the use of lubricated steel balls placed between two circular guides. They are frequently called deep-groove bearings.
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Product Name Notes
Hybrid Bearings Rings and balls from different material Rings made from steel 100Cr6 and balls from ceramics (e.g. silicon nitride Si3N4) Optimized wear behaviour, rigidity, load capacity, speed and life
Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearings Support of axial and radial loads in both directions Available in open, single or double shielded execution (depending on cage) Operation as single bearing (main bearing, radially without play) without...