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SKF Engineering Consultancy Services

Optimize the performance of your design with SKF knowledge

The development of a new gearbox with higher power density, the improvement of an existing gas turbine to meet the market’s increasing demands or the design of a completely new generation of wind turbines with higher kW-cost ratio. The scope of development projects is very wide. Rapid globalization makes technical development even more important; only with innovative solutions and increased quality and performance your machines can stay ahead of your competition and contribute to the bottom line of your customers.
To run technical development projects successfully you often need different types of high level knowledge, such as advanced calculation specialists and material experts. Competences that are not always available in your own company.

Your knowledge engineering partner

SKF is well known as the leading global supplier of bearings, having over 100 years of experience with all types of machines and industries. But SKF can provide much more.
SKF Engineering Consultancy Services has the experienced engineers and project leaders that can support with everything from material science, lubrication and tribology knowledge to verify your new designs using SKF's unique simulation programs. We are working close together with SKF experts and SKF's state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres all over the world. Applying proven processes as Design for Six Sigma enables you to develop robust solutions faster. We can combine the right SKF knowledge, experience and equipment into a tailor-made solution specific for your needs, and support you during the entire life cycle of your products.
SKF Engineering Consultancy Services has helped many customers to:

  • optimize quality and performance of their designs
  • reduce time-to-market by faster design verification and professional testing
  • find the root cause of bearing and machine failures.

Most of our work is conducted for returning customers, ranging from small local companies to well-known industrial leaders.

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SKF Engineering Consultancy Services works globally and has teams based in China, Germany, India, Italy, USA, Sweden, France and The Netherlands. Contact your local sales representative or application engineer, or contact us directly using the contact button on the top right side of this page.

Industrial Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
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Machine Design; Materials Research; Simulation; Software Development
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