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Siretta Delta 10A WiFi/WLAN, omnidirectional stubby antennas have a frequency of 2.4 GHz. At just 40 mm long, Delta 10A antennas are ideal for WiFi/WLAN applications and won’t appear too prominent in your design. Delta 10A antennas are most commonly used for WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee applications. These antennas help to improve the signal strength and improve the performance of your short-range modem. Features and Benefits. WiFi / WLAN 2.4GHz. Bluetooth / ZigBee. Direct Connect. SMA male connector. 3 dBi gain. 40 mm long. The Delta 10A is supplied as standard with an SMA male connector.
Internal/External = External
Supported Frequency Bands = 2.4 GHz
Connector Type = SMA Male RP
Antenna Type = Stubby
Series = DELTA 10A


Product Category
Modem or Wireless Network
Primary Frequency Range
Technology Type
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