Olympus America, Inc. Datasheets for Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Examples include distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications.
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Product Name Notes
Contact Transducer -- V101-RB
Contact Transducer -- V1011
Contact Transducer -- V102-RB
Contact Transducer -- V103-RB
Contact Transducer -- V104-RB
Contact Transducer -- V105-RB
Contact Transducer -- V106-RB
Contact Transducer -- V107-RB
Contact Transducer -- V108-RB
Contact Transducer -- V109-RB
Contact Transducer -- V1091
Contact Transducer -- V111-RB
Contact Transducer -- V114-RB
Contact Transducer -- V120-RB
Contact Transducer -- V180-RB
Contact Transducer -- V181-RB
Contact Transducer -- V182-RB
Contact Transducer -- V189-RB
Contact Transducer -- V191-RB
Contact Transducer -- V192-RB
Contact Transducer -- V194-RB
Contact Transducer -- V195-RB
Contact Transducer -- V197-RB
Advantages: Proprietary WC-5 wear plate increases durability, fracture resistance, and wear resistance All styles are designed for use in rugged industrial environments Close acoustic impedance matching to most metals Can...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- CHC706-RM
Dual Element Transducer -- D703-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D705-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D706-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D708-RP
Dual Element Transducer -- D709-RP
Advantages: Improves near surface resolution Eliminates delay line multiples for high temperature applications Couples well on rough or curved surfaces Reduces direct back-scattering noise in coarse grained or scattering materials...
Contact Transducer -- V1012
Contact Transducer -- V102-RM
Contact Transducer -- V103-RM
Contact Transducer -- V104-RM
Contact Transducer -- V105-RM
Contact Transducer -- V106-RM
Contact Transducer -- V107-RM
Contact Transducer -- V108-RM
Contact Transducer -- V109-RM
Contact Transducer -- V110-RM
Contact Transducer -- V111-RM
Contact Transducer -- V112-RM
Contact Transducer -- V113-RM
Contact Transducer -- V114-RM
Contact Transducer -- V116-RM
Contact Transducer -- V121-RM
Contact Transducer -- V122-RM
Contact Transducer -- V125-RM
Contact Transducer -- V126-RM
Contact Transducer -- V127-RM
Contact Transducer -- V129-RM
Contact Transducer -- V133-RM
Contact Transducer -- V181-RM
Contact Transducer -- V182-RM
Contact Transducer -- V183-RM
Advantages: Proprietary WC-5 wear plate increases durability, fracture resistance, and wear resistance All styles are designed for use in rugged industrial environments Close acoustic impedance matching to most metals Can...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C602-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C603-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C604-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C606-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C607-RB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C609-RB
Advantages: Provides versatility by offering removable delay line, protective wear cap, and protective membrane When the transducer is used alone (without any of the options), the epoxy wear face provides...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C302-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C304-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C305-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C306-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C308-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C309-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C310-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C323-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C325-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C326-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C380-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C381-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C382-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C383-SU
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C384-SU
Advantages: The immersion technique provides a means of uniform coupling Quarter wavelength matching layer increases sound energy output Corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel case with chrome-plated brass connectors Proprietary RF...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C539-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C540-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C541-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C542-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C543-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C544-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C545-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C546-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C548-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C549-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C550-SM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C551-SM
Advantages: Three-material design of our Accupath wedges improves signal-to-noise characteristics while providing excellent wear resistance High temperature wedges available for in-service inspection of hot materials Wedges can be customized to...
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C106-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C109-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C110-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C125-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C126-RM
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C133-RM
Contact Transducer -- A101S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A101S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A102S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A102S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A103S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A103S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A104S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A104S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A105S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A105S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A106S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A106S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A107S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A107S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A108S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A108S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A109S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A109S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A110S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A111S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A111S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A112S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A113S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A114S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A114S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A120S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A120S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A121S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A122S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A125S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A126S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A127S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A133S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A180S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A181S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A181S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A182S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A182S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A183S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A184S-RM
Contact Transducer -- A188S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A189S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A191S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A192S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A194S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A195S-RB
Contact Transducer -- A197S-RB
Applications: Straight beam flaw detection and thickness gaging Detection and sizing of delaminations Material characterization and sound velocity measurements Inspection of plates, billets, bars, forgings, castings, extrusions, and a wide...
Dual Element Transducer -- D7071
Dual Element Transducer -- D7072
Dual Element Transducer -- D7073
Dual Element Transducer -- D7074
Dual Element Transducer -- D7075
Dual Element Transducer -- D7076
Dual Element Transducer -- D7077
Dual Element Transducer -- D7078
Dual Element Transducer -- D7079
Dual Element Transducer -- D7080
Extended Range Duals Shallow roof angles provide greater sensitivity to deep flaws, back walls, and other reflectors, 0.75" (19 mm) and beyond in steel Can be used for high temperature...
Angle Beam Probe -- 1.5L16-A4
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L10-A0-SIDE
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L10-A0-TO P
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L128-I2
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L16-A00
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-A1
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-A10
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L64-A2
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L64-I1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L128-I3
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-45LW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-45SW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-A4
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L16-AWS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 2.25L32-A5
Angle Beam Probe -- 2L8-DGS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC10.2-16-R1
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC25-32-R4
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5CC50-64-R5
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L128-NW3
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L16-A3
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L24-NW2
Angle Beam Probe -- 3.5L64-NW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 4L16-DGS1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC10.2-16-R1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC25-32-R4
Angle Beam Probe -- 5CC50-64-R5
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L10-A0-SIDE
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L10-A0-TO P
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-I2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-I3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L128-NW3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-45LW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-45SW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A10
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L16-A3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L24-NW2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-A11
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-A5
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L48-PWZ2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L60-A14
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L60-PWZ1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-A12
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-A2
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-I1
Angle Beam Probe -- 5L64-NW1
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L32-PWZ3
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L60-A14
Angle Beam Probe -- 7.5L60-PWZ2
Angle beam probes are used with a wedge to transmit a refracted shear or longitudinal wave into a test piece. Designed for a wide range of applications, they can be...
AWS Wedges & Transducers AWS transducers and wedges conform to the specific requirements of the American Welding Society's Structural Welding Code for angle beam assemblies used in weld inspection. Advantages Transducers and wedges meet...
CDS Wedges Ultrasonic Transducer The 30-70-70 crack detection technique uses a single element transducer with a CDS wedge for detection and sizing of ID connected cracks. This technique uses a combination of three waves...
ContactTransducer,SingleElement The Panametrics-NDT Microscan transducers are frequently used with the Series 25 and Series 35 thickness gages, as well as other commercially available thickness gages, flaw detectors and ultrasonic instrumentation. Microscan...
Delay Line Transducer, Single Element The Sonopen® transducer has a replaceable delay line that is tapered to a small contact area. This transducer makes reliable thickness measurements in applications such as turbine blades, threads on...
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-14X14-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM2R-8X9-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM4R-8X9-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM5R-14X14-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-45
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-60
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- AM6R-3X4-70
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- CN2R-24
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- CN4R-10
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- CN4R-24
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-11
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-7X18
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL2R-7X18-0
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-3.5X10
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-6X20
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- DL4R-6X20-0
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- PF1R-24
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- PF2R-10
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- PF2R-10
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- PF2R-24
Atlas European Standard Transducer -- PF4R-24
Transducers are available in metric unit element diameters and common frequencies, such as 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 MHz.
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C401-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C402-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C403-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C404-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C405-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C406-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C407-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C408-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C409-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C411-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C412-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C415-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C430-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C431-SB
CentralScan™ Composite Transducer -- C432-SB
Large element size allows for inspection of thicker components and provides a large scanning index Transducers available in Accuscan-S, Centrascan, and Videoscan Series Accupath and High Temperature style wedges available...

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