Massa Products Corporation Datasheets for Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Examples include distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications.
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Product Name Notes
Ultrasonic Air Transducers -- E-188
Ultrasonic Air Transducers -- TR-2465
Model E-188 and TR-2465 are ultrasonic air transducers that operate at frequencies of 220 kHz and 150 kHz respectively. A unique design feature results in the air transducer having a...
Ultrasonic Air Transducers -- TR-2436 The TR-2436 is a 150 kHz transducer that features a plastic housing that can be waterproof when mounted in an appropriate housing.
Ultrasonic Air Transducers -- TR-89 The TR-89B comes in 23 kHz and 40 kHz versions, and can produce high sound pressure levels. These air transducers have an aluminum face, and are rugged and reliable.