L-com, Inc. Datasheets for Cable Testers

Cable testers are handheld or benchtop electronic devices that measure the electrical and physical properties of network cabling.
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Product Name Notes
PTNX1 Coax Pocket Toner -- PTNX1
PTNX2 Cable Test Kit -- PTNX2-CABLE
PTNX2 Deluxe Test Kit -- PTNX2-DLX
PTNX8 Cable and Telephone Test Kit -- PTNX8-CT
PTNX8 Cable Test Kit -- PTNX8-CABLE
PTNX8 Voice/Video Test Kit -- PTNX8-AV-PRO
Gale PTNX series coax toners are unquestionably the ideal primary devices for testing the installation of coax cable. Test for continuity and short circuits on coaxial cables in one easy...
PTNX2 Advanced Coax Pocket Toner -- PTNX2 The Gale PTNX2 is for the technician that works primarily with coaxial cable that wants a powerful but super-compact tool to fit in his or her pocket. In addition to...
AEMC CA7028 Wire Mapper Pro LAN Cable Tester -- AEMC-CA7028 The Wire Mapper Pro is a hand-held structured cable mapping and troubleshooting tester designed for use on UTP, STP, FTP and SSTP cabling equipped with RJ-45 connectors and wired to...
Inline Tester, RJ12(6X6) M-F with Test LED's and Contact Points. -- EC-LMTJ Use with 2 or 3 pair, RJ11/12 lines. Copper contacts have an angled edge to prevent alligator clips from falling off. Wire color coded for easy identification. Three 2-color LEDs...