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D1/16 Dual Branch Light Guide -- FTIIG16751

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D1/16 Dual Branch Light Guide -- FTIIG16751-Image

Standard products have the following features:

  • Your choice of fiber type: "Plastic" fiber used in plastic light guides for the best color rendition and the brightest white light, or "Glass" fiber used in fiber optic cables and light guides for best results with solid state silicon IR emitters and detectors.
  • Stainless steel construction:
    The flexible jacketing and all end fittings are made from 300 series stainless steel for maximum fiber protection and long, trouble free service.
  • 500 degree epoxy.
    High temperature epoxy enables each end to be usable up to 500°F continuously.
  • Swaged end fittings create secure connection to the sheathing.
  • Machine polishing on all fiber faces ensures the best light output in the industry.

Product Category
Light Guides
Light Guide Type
Fiber Optic
Light Guide Features
305 mm (12 inch)
8.89 mm (0.3500 inch)

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Termination Geometry
Core Material
Operating Temp

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