PTB Sales, Inc. Datasheets for Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation

Instruments such as quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) monitors, ellipsometers, RHEED systems, imaging stations, CD-SEMs, ion mills, C-V systems specifically designed for wafer metrology or in-situ monitoring of thin film parameters during thin film or semiconductors wafer processing.
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Product Name Notes
Veeco/Miller FPP-5000 Four Point Probe Automatic Resistivity Meter Easy to operate: simply load the wafer and close the lid. Automatic calculation and display of sheet or slice resistivity, V/I, metallization thickness, and...
Veeco Dektak V200-Si Ask for current price. The Veeco Dektak V200-Si is an advanced surface profilometer that measures surface texture below submicro-inch and film thickness to 262 �m with high accuracy.
Dektak IIA -- The Dektak IIA Ask for pricing. The Dektak IIA is used for making accurate measurements on small vertical features ranging in height from 100 to 655,000 angstroms. Dektak IIA acquires data by moving...
Electroglas 2001X Probers -- 2001X Probers Ozone generators can be sold individually or as a system. Applied Science and Technology (ASTeX).
Prometrix SpectraMap SM200/e -- SM200/e
SurfScan 7200 -- SurfScan 7201
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Sycon STM-100 & STC-201 -- STC-200 The STC-200 utilizes the time tested 6Mhz quartz crystal as the sensor device. It's CRT display allows the clear presentation of data and deposition status. Both numeric and graphical data...
Sycon STM-100 & STC-200 -- STM-100 The Sycon STM-100 Thickness/Rate Monitor/MF a precision mass and film thickness measurement instrument for use in thin film deposition processes and other quartz crystal microbalance applications.
Wentworth MP-926 Prober -- Wentworth MP-926 The Wentworth MP-926 is a manual probe station that accepts wafers up to 6 inches in diameter. It features a rugged and stable cast aluminum base. It also has a...