L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc. Datasheets for Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory ovens are thermal convection appliances for use in laboratory, scientific, and industrial settings. Uniform heat distribution is often achieved by internal blowers which heat, dry, and cure substrates.

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Product Name Notes
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T2327-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T2336-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T2345-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T3427-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T3436-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T3445-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- TB2318-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- TB3418-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2327-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2336-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2345-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2827-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2836-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X2845-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X3227-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X3236-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- X3245-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- XB2318-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- XB2818-D
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- XB3218-D
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e18S
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e18S-3
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e18T
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e18T-3
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e23S
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e23S-3
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e23T
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e23T-3
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e28S-3
Easy-Fire Kiln -- e28T-3
Industrial Bell Lift Kiln -- TB644754
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD18
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD18-3
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD18X
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD18X-3
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD230-3-EZ
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD230-EZ
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2918
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2918-3
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2927
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2927-3
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2936
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2936-3
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2945
Jupiter Polygonal Kiln Automatic -- JD2945-3
Handheld DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, 4 preset programs, 6 user defined programs
Chameleon Kiln -- CH12-6
Chameleon Kiln -- CH12-9
Hard Ceramic element holders prevent most dustingtypically found when elements are pinned into firebricktops. THIS IS A UNIQUE FEATURE perfected by L&L Kilns.
Automatic Doll/Test Kiln -- DL11-DB
Automatic Doll/Test Kiln -- DLH11-DB
Heavy-Duty Insulated plug included. The peephole plug is cast from solid ceramic and includes a heat lock at the head.
Easy-Load Front Loading Kiln -- EL2436
Easy-Load Front Loading Kiln -- EL2448
Easy-Load Front Loading Kiln -- EL2848
Easy-Load Front Loading Kiln -- EL3048
The Easy-Load Professional-Grade Front-Loading Kiln meets the needs of schools, studios and potters who need a well-built easy-to-load cone 10 kiln. The proven technology of the Dyna-Trol Program Control automates...
Liberty-Belle Kiln The Liberty~Belle kiln meets the needs of serious hobbyists, potters and others who need a simple small automatic kiln ideal for home use or for a studio test kiln. Complete...
Renaissance Studio Kiln with hard ceramic element holders, heavy-duty elements (including elements on the door), DynaTrol three zone program control, Type K thermocouples with protection tubes, solid strong arched roof, cool-to-touch case, manual...