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LCC Clean Process Benchtop Oven -- LCC 1-16

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LCC Clean Process Benchtop Oven -- LCC 1-16-Image

Despatch’s LCC and LCD Clean Process Benchtop Ovens have a stainless steel interior and exterior, rugged, programmable process controls and provide a variety of tailored options for your specific needs.

For production environment processes where minimal contamination is essential, the LCC and LCD Series benchtop ovens offer the highest standards in HEPA filtration. Re-circulated airflow is 100% HEPA filtered for operation at ISO Class 5 (Class 100) or better within the oven chamber. Also available in a non-HEPA filter option.

Typical applications for these ovens include die-bond curing and other semiconductor packaging processes, depyrogenation, sterilizing and drying for life sciences. The ovens are configured for 220/240 volts and 50/60 Hz. These units are stackable to save valuable floor space and provide maximum ergonomic efficiency for operators. The recirculation motor is mounted at the rear of the oven, providing convenient access and allowing up to three ovens to be stacked on top of one another, while still keeping loading heights ergonomically acceptable.

It is available in two different atmosphere configurations:

Air Atmosphere

A forced exhaust fan is included on the air temperature unit for rapid cooling.

Inert Atmosphere

Allows nitrogen (or other inert gas) to be injected into the chamber to lower the oxygen level to prevent oxidation of products. A water cooling coil is provided for rapid cooling. Control of nitrogen flow and water cooling is programmable through the Protocol Plus™ controller.

Larger Sizes Available

LCC/LCD2-14 Clean Process Ovens meet the demands of production and large scale R&D efforts.

Product Category
Laboratory Ovens
Temperature Range
104 to 500 F (40 to 260 C)
1.6 cubic feet (45.31 liters)
Bench / Cabinet; Vertical (Bell Top)
Cooling; Shelves, Racks or Carts; AirFilter; Timer (optional feature); Alarms (optional feature); Data Logger or Recorder
Heat Source
Electric / Resistance

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Controller Type
Flow / Circulation Pattern