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BMT Fluipharm Water Spray Sterilizer -- P20 20 38

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BMT Fluipharm Water Spray Sterilizer -- P20 20 38-Image

BMT Fluipharm Hot Water Spray Sterilizers provide fast, safe and effective terminal sterilization of liquids in sealed or heat sensitive containers. Super-heated water is sprayed on the load which enables fast heating and cooling due to the heat transfer properties of water. Air over-pressure air is injected into the chamber to compensate for the rising temperature and pressure that builds inside liquid containers when heated.


  • Extremely fast heating and cooling enables gentle sterilization of heat-sensitive loads
  • Ideal for sterilization of liquids in containers such as PVC bags, plastic bottles, syringes, blister packs, and glass
  • No pure steam required as water is heated indirectly by plant steam through external heat exchangers
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC control systems
  • Piping sloped to drain with no dead legs
  • Sanitary valves and components
  • Extensive Validation documentation
  • Chamber doors secured on four sides
  • Solid stainless steel door—no welding
  • Lubricant-free door gaskets

Product Category
Autoclaves and Sterilizers
0.0 cubic feet (0.1442 liters)
Front Load (incl. Walk-in, Truck-in); Water Spray
Heat Source
Indirect / Contact / Conduction

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