Setra Systems Datasheets for Laboratory Balances

Laboratory balances are used to measure an object’s mass to a very high degree of precision.
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Product Name Notes
Super II™ Scales A superior counting scale, the Super II combines incredible accuracy with easy-to-read text prompts enhanced by a backlit display. It's internal database, bar code label making, set points and multiple...
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ2-2000
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ2-500
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ2-5000
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ6-2000
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ6-500
Easy Count™ Scales -- EZ6-5000
The EZ2 counting scale with only two keys is remarkably easy to use. With only a zero and a count key the scale is either displaying a weight in grams...
Himalaya Series Laboratory Balances -- HI-4100S
Himalaya Series Laboratory Balances -- HI-410S
The Himalaya Series of single range laboratory balances offers extremely high readability. The six button keyboard affords great flexibility by allowing a choice of several weighing modes. In addition to...
Mass Monitor™ The Mass Monitor Series consists of a moment-insensitive load cell module and circuit board. The load cell is available in any weighing capacity from 200g to 50kg, delivering weight measurements...
Sierra Series Precision Balance -- SI-4100D-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-2000-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-2000S
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-200S
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-200S-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-4100D-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-4100S
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-4100S-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-410D-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-410D-CE
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-410S
Sierra Series Precision Balances -- SI-410S-CE
The Sierra Series of precision balances includes single range models (S Models). The dual range laboratory balances automatically display the maximum resolution whenever the balance is tared, regardless of how...
Quick Count™ Scales The simple six key design allows the user to master scale operation in minutes, reducing training time and increasing productivity. The Quick Count displays any of six weighing units at...
Super Count™ Scales The Super Count couples the benefits of Setra's high resolution ceramic sensor with an intelligently designed full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy, easy to use counting scale at a...