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LOCTITE® EA 9896 AERO is a resin impregnated nylon peel ply used for the surface preparation of composite substrates. It provides process efficiency by eliminating the need for sanding or grit blasting in the surface preparation process. LOCTITE EA 9896 AERO also eliminates residual peel ply fibers at the bond surface after curing and removal.

  • Greater Durability over the life of the production article lowers repair costs and eliminates the risk of damaging fibers in the composite structure which could compromise properties.
  • Eliminates Contamination of bonding surface by residual fibers.
  • Provides a consistent bonding surface.
  • Minimizes Surface Preparation Time and is ergonomically friendly which reduces cost of use.
  • Reduces Shop Time for fabric removal. Ideal for large parts- fabric strips easily in one piece.
  • Consistent with current composite cure parameters.
  • Facilitates shop floor usage and repair applications. This lowers handling and storage costs.

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