Emergency Stop Switches from Schmersal Inc.

Control Station with collared E-Stop Button -- BDF100-NHK-G-ST

Control Station with collared E-Stop Button -- BDF100-NHK-G-ST -- View Larger Image
Control Station with collared E-Stop Button -- BDF100-NHK-G-ST-Image

Emergency Stop operator in compact thermoplastic housing
Red pushbutton with latching action
Yellow enclosure cover with protective collar
Fits standard aluminum profile systems (1.5" x 3.2" x 1.5")
LED indicator
1 NO & 2 NC contact configuration
M12 connector
Customizable label

Safe Solutions for your Industry.
Schmersal is focused on machine safety - protection for man and machine. For over 65 years Schmersal has developed a reputation for the design and manufacture of machine safeguarding switches that satisfy current safety requirements of the latest OSHA, ANSI, RIA and international standards and guidelines. Products supplied by Schmersal are used in a wide variety of applications in industries such as power presses, packaging, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, elevators, machine tools and heavy industry.


Product Category
Emergency Stop Switches
Actuation Type
Operating Force
8 N (28.77 oz)
Normally Open Contacts
1 #
Normally Closed Contacts
1 #
Switch Type
Maximum Current Rating
Maximum AC Voltage Rating
Maximum DC Voltage Rating
Mechanical Life
Reset/Release Operation
International Approvals
Operating Temperature