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Video Inspection Camera -- ExtendaCam

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Quickly access and inspect out-of-reach targets up to 20-feet away with the iShot Imaging XtendaCam® Manual Tilt Video Pole Inspection System. The XtendaCam® is designed specifically for viewing, illuminating, and recording inaccessible areas in a matter of minutes. The system boasts a 1/4-inch CCD zoom camera in a waterproof housing attached to a manual tilting mechanism allowing the user to change the vertical orientation of the camera in a 320-degree range. The camera system offers a crisp video output: 40 to 1 zoom ratio, auto-focus, variable shutter, gain, exposure, white balance, and backlight compensation. An LED light ring provides auxiliary lighting that reaches targets up to 25-feet away. The camera functions and lighting are controlled via a touch pad on the XtendaCam® body.

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