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Automatic Relief/Bleed Valve -- 1600-60

Automatic Relief/Bleed Valve -- 1600-60 -- View Larger Image
Automatic Relief/Bleed Valve -- 1600-60-Image
  • Continuously bleeds off excess internal gas to maintain a safe positive pressure inside glove boxes
  • Variable release mechanism automatically discharges any sudden surge of incoming gas
  • Protects against accidental negative pressure by functioning as a check valve
  • Extends life of doors and gaskets
  • 100% reliable, noncontaminating and maintenance-free! The Automatic RB® Valve ensures a safe, continuous positive pressure in Terra Universal glove boxes, desiccators, and other purged enclosures.

Product Category
Industrial Valves
Valve Type
Block Bleed; Check; Relief
Primary Material
Stainless Steel (optional feature); polymer
Air; Breathable; Compressed Air
Valve Size
0.62 to 1.00 inch (15.87 to 25.40 mm)

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