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A reliable and heavy-duty solenoid valve with a long service life for use in pneumatic applications. In the VUVS series, options include single or double, 3/2 and 5/2 way solenoid valves. They are supplied assembled ready for installation and can also be easily serviced or replaced, reducing installation and maintenance time. They are ideal for vacuum and low-pressure applications, as well as in heavy production lines across many industries.
Manufacturer Series = VUVS
Mounting Style = Inline
Function = 5/2
Connection Port Thread = G 1/4
Actuation Type = Solenoid/Spring
Solenoid Fitted = Yes
Body Material = Aluminium Alloy
Solenoid Voltage = 24V dc
Solenoid Power Consumption = 3.3W
Minimum Operating Pressure = 1.5bar

Product Category
Industrial Valves
Valve Type
Control Valve; Solenoid
Primary Material
Valve Size
0.25 inch (6.35 mm)

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