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Precision Relief Valve, 30 ± 5 PSI Max -- A4454-1

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Precision Relief Valve, 30 ± 5 PSI Max -- A4454-1-Image

Precision Relief Valves are used as a safety device on reservoirs where a certain maximum pressure should not be exceeded. Their use can be extended to any application demanding pressure be relieved at a specific value. The valves have a fixed upper pressure rating held within plus or minus 5 PSI accuracy. The setting for the upper limit (30 ± 5 PSI) is tamperproof and cannot be adjusted. The relief pressures can be reduced and locked at any setting.

This valve tolerates temperatures up to 225° F. It features a brass piston and Viton seals. A plunger with an O-ring is seated against a port inside the aluminum valve body. The plunger is held in place by a stainless steel spring. An enclosure cap is screwed over the valve body and used to adjust the valve’s upper pressure limit. A 3/32” diameter vent hole on the top of the cap allows the released air or liquid to escape. A locknut is provided on the valve body to lock the cap in place. The hex size is 3/4”. The total height of the valve is 1 7/16”.

To use the relief valve at the maximum rated pressure of 30 ± 5 PSI, screw the top cap down until it is seated and lock this setting with the locknut. To reset the valve for a lower pressure, back off the top cap to a suitable point that produces the desired pressure relief and lock the setting with the locknut.

The unit has a 1/4” NPT thread.


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