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FD Series Fully Drainable Hygienic Back Pressure Regulator

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FD Series Fully Drainable Hygienic Back Pressure Regulator-Image
  • Precision Back Pressure Regulator for Hygienic Service
  • For gas, liquid and mixed phase processes
  • Wide Range of working Pressures and Flows
  • Rugged 316 stainless steel Bar Stock Design with no Welded Fittings
  • Hygienic: No Crevices, <32Ra Finish
  • 3 Piece Low Dead Volume Design
  • Ports are the lowest point to allow gravity draining

The FD back pressure regulator (BPR) series is specifically designed for a variety of gas, mixed phased and liquid applications where high precision and sanitary or crevice free internals are a must. The FD series hygienic back pressure regulators are designed such that the inlet and outlet ports are the lowest points in the regulator. This allows all internal fluids to drain by gravity. Easy disassembly facilitates maintenance and quick cleaning. Tri-Clamp fittings standard with 6mm, 10mm, and ½ inch internal porting. The direct diaphragm sealing technology allows for precision and turn down ratios that cannot be found in traditional BPR designs.

Product Category
Industrial Valves
Valve Type
Control Valve; Relief; Sanitary
Primary Material
Aluminum; Brass / Bronze (optional feature); Cast Iron (optional feature); Ductile Iron (optional feature); Steel; Exotic Metal (optional feature)
Water; Hot Water; Cold Water  ; Ground Water; Potable Water; Salt Water; Wastewater; Gas; Gasoline / Diesel Fuel; High Purity; LP Gas; Natural Gas; Sour Gas; Specialty Corrosive; Hydraulic; Powder Solids (optional feature); Steam; Air; Breathable; Compressed Air; Chemical
Valve Size
0.50 inch (12.70 mm)
Maximum Pressure
0.00 to 150.00 psi (0.0 to 106 m H2O)

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