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The T9-434-xxx are basic narrowband transmitter modules operating in the 434MHz ISM frequency band. Digital data can be communicated directly from a microcontroller serial port, or via a suitable codec.
RF Carrier Frequency: 434MHz ISM Band. Channel Bandwidth: 50kHz. RF Power Output: +13dBm. Modulation: FSK. Range: up to 1000m (line of sight). OTA Data Rate: 20kbps. Host communication: serial. Power supply: +2.2V to +12Vdc. Operating temperature range: -10 to +55°C. Board dimensions: 31.5 x 10.5 x 3mm. Applications: Remote control, wireless networking, telemetry, long-range communication for the Internet of Things (IoT). RS Product Codes. 793-4395 T9-434-075 Channel Frequency 434.075MHz. 793-4405 T9-434-225 Channel Frequency 434.225MHz. 793-4408 T9-434-525 Channel Frequency 434.525MHz
Module Type = Transmitter
Supported Frequency Bands = 434 MHz
Modulation Technique = FM
Maximum RF Data Rate = 57kbit/s
Maximum Output Power = +13dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -121dBm
Supported Bus Interfaces = Serial
Supply Voltage = 2.2 - 12V
Dimensions = 3 x 31.5 x 10.5mm
Height = 10.5mm


Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Device Type
Operating Frequency
434 MHz
Data Rate
57 kbps
-121 dBm
Output Power
RF Modulation
Supply Voltage
Communication Interface
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