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A range of basic radio telemetry transmitter and receiver modules operating in the 433MHz ISM frequency band. Digital data can be communicated directly from a microcontroller serial port, or via a suitable codec.
RF Carrier frequency: 433.92MHz ISM band. Modulation: ASK. OTA Data rate: Up to 3kbps, 10kbps (QAM-RX10). Receiver Sensitivity: -112dBm (QAM-RX1), -106dBm (QAM-RX4), -123dBm (QAM-RX10). Range: Up to 50m. Tx input/Rx output: serial CMOS/TTL. Low power consumption. No adjustable components. Applications: Security systems, Remote gate controls, Remote sensing, Data capture, Garage door controller, Short-range communication for the Internet of Things (IoT). RS Product Codes. 617-2072 QAM-TX1-433 Transmitter. 617-1811 QAM-TX3-433 Transmitter. 742-4481 QAM-RX1-433 Receiver. 762-0099 QAM-RX4-433 Receiver. 125-8208 QAM-RX10-433 Receiver
Supply Voltage = 5V dc

Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Power Source
Supply Voltage
5 volts

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