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The ER400TRS-02 easyRadio transceiver is a complete system-on-module that combines a high performance very low power RF transceiver, a microcontroller and a voltage regulator.
RF Carrier Frequency: 433MHz ISM band. RF Output Power: +5dBm. Modulation: FSK. Receiver Sensitivity: -103dBm @ 19.2kbps, 0.1% BER. Range: 250m (Line-of-Sight). OTA Data Rate: 2400 to 38400bps with Manchester encoding. Tx Buffer: 180bytes. Packet handler for Easy-Radio protocol with CRC-16 generation/checking. Customisable Easy-Radio Data ID. Programmable encryption. Repeater mode. Fast ACK feature. RSSI output. Host communication: serial UART with RTS/CTS flow control. EEPROM memory holds configuration data. Microcontroller low-voltage brown-out-detect (BOD). Crystal frequency stability: ±10ppm. Power supply: +2.5V to +5.5Vdc. Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C. Dimensions: 38 x 14 x 4mm. Applications: Remote sensing/control, local communication for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Module Type = Transceiver
Supported Frequency Bands = 433 MHz
Modulation Technique = FSK
Maximum RF Data Rate = 38.4kbit/s
Maximum Output Power = +10dBm
Receiver Sensitivity = -105dBm
Supported Bus Interfaces = RS232
Supply Voltage = 3.3 - 5.5V
Dimensions = 38 x 4 x 14mm
Height = 14mm


Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Device Type
Operating Frequency
433 MHz
Data Rate
38.4 kbps
-105 dBm
Output Power
RF Modulation
Supply Voltage
Communication Interface
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