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The compact RF Solutions AM Superheterodyne Receiver modules (AM-RRQ3-433P and AM-RX9-433P) will work with the correct corresponding AM Transmitter providing a radio link. The AM receiver (RX) operates on the 433 MHz frequency at 5V dc, ranging up to 100 metres. Applications include wireless security systems, data capture, remote control and remote sensing.
· CMOS/TTL Output. · Modulation: AM. ·AM-RRQ3-433P: . Analogue RSSI Output. Operating voltage 3.3 V to 8 V. -108 dBm at 433MHz. Sleep Mode 0.5uA. · AM-RX9-433P: . Operating voltage 2.4 V to 5 V. Low Power: 2.6mA. Data Rate: Up to 10Kbps. Sensitivity: 110dBm
Module Type = Receiver
Supported Frequency Bands = 433.92 MHz
Modulation Technique = AM
Maximum RF Data Rate = 10kbit/s
Receiver Sensitivity = -109dBm
Supply Voltage = 2.4 - 5V
Dimensions = 4 x 44 x 11mm
Height = 11mm
Length = 44mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +25°C


Product Category
Telemetry Receivers and Telemetry Transmitters
Device Type
Operating Frequency
434 MHz
Data Rate
10 kbps
-109 dBm
RF Modulation
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature
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